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Understand your client’s decision process?

Wondering what it will take to close a particular deal? One critical element is understanding how your client will evaluate solutions they are considering and make a decision. Attention to detail is important...information you will want and how you might map it...

Customer decision process details you want

Details you want to pursue regarding the customer’s decision process includes the following:

  • Description of each step

  • Customer contact(s) involved in each step

    • Are decisions made by individuals and/or groups along the way?

  • Timeline / step

    • How long does each step take on average

    • How frequently are investment decisions made (e.g. new projects discussed on Tuesdays)

    • What happens if approval is not provided at a particular step?

  • Decision criteria for each step

Map the decision process

Map the steps in the decision process in sequence on one page if possible. This document, along with other details you gather, will help keep your effort focused in the right direction

Step #

Key customer contacts per step

Timeline per step






Test yourself

If someone asked you to describe your client’s decision process off the top of your head, how well would you do? If you find you have “holes” no worries...identifying what you do not know is GOOD. It should generate action items and improve your chances of winning!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis
Dec 04, 2023


Very organized !! I have been contacting future customers today. Sometimes the responce is quick

Writing intro , why you are a good fit , why you are needed has to be explained.

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