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Get your head in the game

The halftime speech is a time-honored tradition of American sports. Which sport? Any sport. Seriously, pick one and we’ll find you an epic half-time speech that’s come out of it at some point.

The ability to give this kind of speech is what separates a good coach from a great one, and often it’s the secret ingredient for a championship team.

What if you could bring that same kind of attitude into your own workspace? We’re not telling you to yell at your coworkers or pound on a clipboard (definitely don’t do that at work), or even to do any sort of public speaking. Instead, we’re talking about building that coaching instinct wherever you might be.

A coach isn’t just someone with decades of experience and/or a whistle. A coach can also be the young associate hire who takes a few minutes to show an intern how to use the office phone system when they’re stuck on dial tone. A coach can be the person who patiently listens to a coworker’s issue before making a suggestion on how to tweak their approach for better results. And a coach can most definitely be the manager who uplifts their staff and gets them motivated to go that extra yard to score a win.

In short, a coach can be anyone who helps those around them achieve their very best. This mentality isn’t about programming people, or even getting them to follow your example 100 percent, but rather about pushing them to reach deep within themselves to use their own strengths to get the job done. Coaching can be a beautiful thing in that respect, and the benefits aren’t limited just to those on the receiving side. By making the effort to coach others, we’re also training ourselves in a highly effective form of leadership.

So if you’re looking to get great results from your team, be a coach. And if you’re looking to get the best from yourself, seek some coaching of your own. That’s our cue to plug the brand — for everything in the startup field, we’re here to help you capitalize on the strengths you bring to the table. Whether you need to polish your pitch, seek out the big fish of funding, or just get a top-notch halftime speech, we’re here for you.

Give us a call to get started!

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