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How do you introduce your business?

Many times when you meet someone who asks “what do you do”, they do not want to be “pitched”.  A more comfortable approach...

What to include

Part of what you are conveying in your introduction is that you have some expertise and have done some homework.  Your introduction should include...

  • Type of background/experience you have

  • Type/size clients you are focused on

  • Challenges you have noticed

  • Value you provide for them

Make it conversational

Keep it short!  This should be approximately 30 seconds.  At some point during or after your introduction, ask an open-ended question.  Here is an example for someone providing accounting/finance guidance for small companies...

“I have an accounting and finance background and work with small companies on their most significant financial challenges.  Many times, not always, cash flow is near the top.  These challenges can have a ripple effect, so they need attention.  I help the companies identify root causes, resolve them and then guide them as they go forward so they are more self-sufficient.

What financial challenges are you seeing small companies frequently face?”

Adjust for the situation

If you are in a casual/non-business situation boil it down to the value you are providing.  An example for the same services...

“I work with small companies to identify root causes of financial challenges they are facing, resolve them and then guide toward being more self-sufficient.”


While you should not worry about memorizing exact wording...some practice will make you more comfortable and sound more natural.  Taking this approach should generate some productive conversations!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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