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How is phone outreach to referrals going?

Contacts you are pursuing ignore phone calls and/or have someone screen them for you. You have a few seconds to differentiate yourself by immediately mentioning who referred you and respecting their time...why...

  • Remember, they are not expecting your call

  • You should assume they are busy

How to start the calls

Some ideas depending on who answers the phone...

  • Contact answers phone

“Good morning, my name is John Smith, from X Company. I was referred to you by X. Is it convenient for you to talk?

  • “Gatekeeper” answers phone (do not “steamroll” them)

“Good morning, my name is John Smith, from X Company. I was referred to Joe Jones by X. How is your day going?

“What would you suggest as the best way to connect with Joe?”

Keep the conversation brief

While you have been referred to someone, it is not a license to immediately have an extended conversation. Let’s say the contact says it is ok to approach that respects their time...

“Thank you. In doing some homework and talking with John Smith, I understand you are focused on X goal. I would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your pursuit of that goal and possibly share how we have helped companies like yours with similar challenges. Since you are likely busy now, when over the next week or two would be convenient to meet?

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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