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How Startups can better connect with GEN Z’s

Gen Zs comprise nearly 2.6 billion of the Global consumer market Share. They are a vibrant group of Consumers who are Connected, active and are reshaping the business landscape. Connecting with Gen Zs goes beyond following social media trends but entails using key storytelling techniques that engage Gen Zs on issues they care about. Here are five Power proof strategies for connecting better with your GEN Z target audience.

Create engaging and personalized Content –

GEN Zs are “Digital Natives” drawn to engaging and personalized content. Consider sharing user generated content featuring appealing visuals, colors, sounds, and a call to action. Social media platforms such as TikTok & Instagram now make it easy to customize social media content using trending digital elements which when paired with hashtags can increase your digital reach.

Take a Stand on Social Issues –

Recent research has shown that GEN Zs are growing increasingly interested in issues such as sustainability, women rights, racism & Inequality. They are also demanding that businesses take a stance on these issues. Therefore, to better connect with GEN Z’s you may want to throw your support behind a few social causes that align with your brand. It goes beyond using hashtags on social media but involves making strategic and systemic changes in fundamental areas of your business which proves your authenticity.

Leverage Micro & Macro Influencers-

Micro influencers generally have fewer followers than celebrities and research shows that they are highly effective in connecting with GEN Z’s. Consider using Micro influencers for content that educates GEN Zs about your product, product reviews, how to videos, or as brand advocates online.

Go with Culture Trends-

The rise of social media platforms such as TikTok has led to a rise in various cultural trends spearheaded by its GEN’ Z user base. Various Pop culture, Gaming, DIY, and Sustainability trends come and go, and various brands have benefited from in no small measure from plugging in on trends.

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