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How to qualify during introductory presentations

Have you scheduled introductory meetings with potential clients knowing you need more information to qualify the opportunity? I is common. Many times the client wants an overview of your company and solutions you provide. How do you provide the overview and qualify at the same time?

Plan your questions

During your preparation for the meeting give thought to what information you want to gather and review the overview you are planning on providing. This should generate the questions you want to ask. Then decide which questions you want to ask...

  • During the first few minutes

  • During the overview/presentation

Note: If the contact is new to you, it is likely you should carefully select a few questions to ask before the overview (too many at that point will feel like an interrogation).

Sample questions

Some ideas on questions to ask during the overview and when...

Taking this approach can help you use your selling time efficiently!

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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