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Making phone call vs. email/text?

When you are looking to thank someone (particularly someone at a prospective client) what should you do?  Email?  Text?  Phone call?  Email or text is easy...but is that the best choice?

Your goal = build relationships

The majority of your selling effort should be focused on building relationships.  The better job you do with this the faster you will understand the strategy to win and grow your business.  So...which choice will have the most impact when you are not in your client’s building?

  • Email?

  • Text?

  • Phone call?

Make your effort to thank someone stand out

Do you want your effort to thank someone “lost in the shuffle”?  Take the time to make a phone call, maybe in combination with an email/text (if, for example, you left a voicemail).  How to approach the call...

  • You are only calling to thank them

  • No “selling”

Value of making a phone call

Bob Lerman, who advises owners and CEOs and knows a lot about growing businesses, mentioned this topic recently and could not have said it better...

“...the use of the phone shows a special effort to reach out and connect with someone.  The personal touch beyond a thank you note, text or email to go to the effort to call someone and establish a connection goes a long way to establishing and maintaining a relationship.”


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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