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No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it

Like each and every one of us, startups too are unique individuals.

That counts for just about everything. Needs, goals, interests, all of it makes your business distinct.

We’ve built our service packages with that exact thought in mind. We now offer nine different plans, including one add-on, that cover the wide range of things a business leader is looking for over the lifetime of their project. This post isn’t intended to be the end of our service discussion — and besides, we can still custom-make a package for your exact needs — but is a nice sampling of what we offer.

No matter where you stand in startup development, our weekly strategy sessions are a great tool for a business on the move. These one-on-one coaching meetings will pair you with an expert consultant who can walk you through the stages of a launch, from building ideas to detailing a business plan. All in all, this package is a great option for entrepreneurs looking to dive into strategy.

Looking for something a little more intensive? That’s where our Venture Package comes into play. This four-week program is like a startup bootcamp that plugs you into just about everything we offer, doing practically everything but signing over the venture capital dollars. We’ll help you create a brand; draft investor-ready materials such as a pitch deck, business plan and defensible valuation; and target real-world investors through our network and partner VC groups.

Maybe that all sounds good, but you’re still looking for something a little different, something in between those two options. You might consider our Tuneup Package, which we’ve designed for entrepreneurs in the last steps before pitching to their targeted investors. If you’ve already done the legwork but need to bullet-proof your actual pitch, this could be the option for you. We’ll take somewhere between two days to a week to return an investor-ready deck, after which you’ll deliver a practice pitch to us for an expert critique. By the time you’re ready to roll, you’ll be able to deliver that perfect pitch in your sleep!

Prepare 4 VC is your expert source on everything startup, from first ideas to final pitches and beyond. We want to be as useful as possible for each of our partners, so contact us by phone or email to learn what we can do for you!

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