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Our mission: To help your business succeed

Do your employees know what your company stands for — its mission, why it’s in business, and how it’s different from competing companies? Only 41 percent of U.S. workers say they do.

That’s the result of Gallup research. While most business leaders can clearly describe their company or organization’s mission, most employees can’t. Another surprising fact: Only four in 10 U.S. employees strongly believe that the mission of their company makes them feel their job is important.

That’s a real problem. Research shows a clear link between how well employees understand their company’s mission and purpose and how well it performs. According to Gallup, just a 10 percent improvement in a workforce’s connection with their company’s mission or purpose would likely result in a more than 8 percent decrease in employee turnover and a more than 4 percent increase in profitability. If your company or organization doesn’t have a formal mission, it needs one. If it has one, everyone should understand what it is and how their work ties into and is important to this purpose.

At Prepare 4 VC, we know that capital is vitally important to a startup company. That’s why our entire team is focused on one thing: Helping small businesses raise capital more efficiently by finding the right investors and pitching them from the investor’s perspective. A polished and compelling pitch makes all the difference. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs catch the eye of the investment community and secure the best funding to help them succeed. We help startups at any stage of development and partner with valuable funding sources.

We provide customized assistance based on the level of help you need. Whether you are looking for a coach to guide you through the entire fundraising process, strategy sessions to keep you on track, or a quick redesign of your presentation before the big pitch, Prepare 4 VC has a solution. Put us to work for you! Learn more about us on our website:

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