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Recurring meetings in potentially large clients?

Accounts with great potential for growth require a different approach to managing communication…one that keeps you “in front of the client”.  Key to this are recurring meetings...

Proactively managing communication

In larger accounts you surely want to maintain your existing relationships and develop new contacts…so your business at the account grows.  Taking a proactive approach to managing communication will play a huge role in your success.  An outline you can use…

  • Work with current contacts to agree on frequency (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly) and attendees.

  • Create discussion guide document for recurring meetings including “looking back” and “looking forward” including the following...

  • How did your company do in achieving what the customer required?

  • What value did your company provide?

  • Which issues were resolved?  What is status of open issues?

  • What new projects/customer initiatives should be prioritized?

  • What new initiatives is the customer launching?

  • Educate your customer

  • Share new capabilities that they may not be aware of

  • Provide an overview of recent success stories…

  • Help them in some way that has nothing in it for you

Consistency pays off

When it becomes obvious to your larger customers that you are investing time to prepare for these meetings (you are respecting their time and providing valuable information), the consistency of the meetings will enhance their confidence in your company’s ability to provide value.  This will make the path to new business easier for you!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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