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The science of being more efficient at work

Focus on one thing at a time. You may think that multi-tasking will make you more productive, but it rarely does. Studies show that multitasking has a host of disadvantages and that focusing on one thing at a time can produce better results than trying to get more than one thing done at a time. Our brains simply weren’t designed for multitasking!

Ask for help. You don’t have to personally do so much — and you shouldn’t. Delegating can be a powerful way to get more done each day and empower those around you. For many people, though, it doesn’t come naturally.

Communicate clearly. Make sure your texts, emails and documents are clear. Before you hit send, print or copy, reread what you wrote to make sure it is clear in directions and sets the right tone. Think of any unanswered questions that you can proactively answer as well. Also make sure that others feel comfortable letting you know when they don’t understand something you’ve asked them to do.

Develop routines. Routines are powerful tools for everyone from babies and children to business owners and CEOs.

Take breaks. You can’t be on the go continually! You need downtime to allow yourself to enjoy something else, and you need mental and physical breaks, including real vacations. Research shows that more Americans are skipping vacations or doing some work during vacation time — but that this can lead to burnout, less focus and productivity. Take a vacation — and resist the urge to check e-mails.

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