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The startup world is vast. Good thing we’ve got the guidebook right here!

It’s been a long time coming, but the big day is just about here.

We’re talking about the upcoming release of “Venture Forward: Lessons From Leaders,” by our very own Prepare 4 VC founder Jason Kraus! After a successful pre-order campaign last summer, the nonfiction “Venture Forward” will be hot off the presses at the end of October.

Jason comes to the startup world from a place of true passion, so he set out to write a book that closes the gap between first-timers and serial entrepreneurs. To do that, he had to blow up the concept of a “roadmap to success” for entrepreneurship.

“All of the books I had seen focused on advice and roadmaps to success, when in reality there are hundreds of unique pathways to startup success that entrepreneurs need to learn in determining their own path,” Jason explained during the pre-order campaign. “I created a book focused on the stories and lessons as a guidebook to success, rather than a roadmap, because every startup founder must choose what relates best for them and their business.”

The startup ecosystem is one that requires a lot of flexibility to handle, and the basic tropes of university drop-out founders doesn’t capture the true diversity of experiences that real people are bringing to the table. For this “TedX-style book,” Jason highlighted stories from innovative people that break the mold of two-dimensional, pop-culture founder stereotypes. These include women, immigrants and entrepreneurs from rural states, all of whom are walking the same startup road in very different ways.

Jason also drew from his depth of personal experience as a bonafide startup nerd, a pedigree that includes his launch of Prepare 4 VC and work as a venture investor with EQx Fund, Boston Harbor Angels and Equity Venture Partners. He’s also active in several startup communities, including StartupGrind and NextGen Summit, to keep his finger on the pulse of innovation while encouraging first-time entrepreneurs to take their shot.

“You will love this book if you’re an entrepreneur who has hit a roadblock in any stage of your journey and are looking for the inspiration, tips and tricks to reach that next level and beyond,” Jason said. “I know I learned an incredible amount from all of the interviews and research I conducted, and I cannot wait to share it with you.”

You can pick up your own copy by messaging us at Prepare 4 VC either on social media or by email. You can also contact Jason at to learn more about the project!

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