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INCREASE your effort near the holidays!

Thanksgiving will be here in approximately 6 weeks. Time will fly. You have a “window” from now until the end of the calendar year that can be highly productive...some thoughts on moving forward...

Do not assume your clients are checked out

It might be natural to assume people are taking time off around the holidays and are not paying attention. This can result in sales effort backing off. Do the is a great time to be assertive!

People are, hopefully, going to be in relatively positive moods. This means they are generally more open to having conversations…creating:

  • Opportunities for you to start new relationships

  • Openings to expand existing relationships.

How you might approach clients

Take a non-salesy approach (at least at first) with no agenda. You are “checking in” to see how they are doing…then work your way into some conversation about what, from a business perspective, they are focused on.

Help your clients spend their money!

Many organizations have calendar year budgets and will need to spend remaining budget or risk losing it in 2024. You may find some new opportunities happen fast during this time of year. In addition, as you listen to your clients, you may be able to reduce some of their stress with information, ideas and assistance.

Additional visibility with clients enhances relationships

Whether this assertive approach yields new business or not, the investment of time will enhance existing working relationships, build trust and expand your business in 2024!

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