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Want more time to sell?

You probably already understand the need to respond to clients rapidly when they are seeking information (that is not on your website).  It is likely 80% of the information you need has been requested by other you may be repeating your effort.  Thoughts on an approach that will pay off...

Take time to organize

Investing time in thinking about what clients ask for frequently and setting yourself up to respond rapidly can save significant time.

Some initial questions...

  • What information are clients asking for?  

  • What assets should you have ready?  Here are some ideas:

  • Case Studies

  • Brief “demonstration” of your solution(s)

  • Standard Solutions

  • Estimated pricing

  • What does your organization have ready?

  • What “assets” (documents, videos, etc) are easily accessible and with minimal customization can be ready for sharing with clients?

  • What do you need to develop?

Why it is worth investing time in this effort

In addition to enabling you to have more time to sell, being better positioned to respond rapidly conveys a sense of confidence in your prospective client.  This is particularly valuable when you are pursuing a new client!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 


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