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What are you actually selling?

It is easy to lose sight of the “greater purpose” of the solutions you are selling…also known as the “value”. An approach and some examples that might provide some clarity for your selling effort…

Determine your customer’s goals

One way to identify what you are actually trying to sell is with questions like the following:

  • What outcomes are you seeking for this project?

  • What does “success” look like for this project from your view?

  • What would success of this project mean for you personally? Professionally?

You will get some interesting answers that enable you to sharpen your strategy by working backwards from their goals.


Here are a couple of examples comparing the solution to what you are actually selling:

Before your next meeting/call with a customer

Take some time to identify whether you really know what you are actually selling. If not, no worries…it just gives you an action item! Connect directly with the key customer contact or someone who can provide some guidance. It will surely show you are listening to the customer and will improve your position for the deal

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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