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Practicing before reaching out?

Are you making good use of practice time before reaching out to prospective clients?  Focusing on likely responses to your outreach will help...

Reaching out by phone – Positive responses

Advantages of reaching out by phone include getting a live reaction and the ability to address challenges immediately.  Likely reactions include:

  • Yes, I have time to talk

  • Yes, I have time to talk but first tell me about your company/solution

  • Yes, we may have some interest...but I am not the right person

Reaching out by phone – Negative responses

Expect to get a lot of these.  Many salespeople will push harder in response.  Differentiate yourself by resisting that temptation.  Remember, you are trying to develop some rapport with the may need to be patient.  Likely reactions include:

  • No, I am busy and cannot talk

  • No, I do not have time to talk...where can I get some information?

  • No, I cannot talk...we have a solution in place

  • I am not the right person

Practicing will reveal where you may be uncomfortable and identify “holes” in your approach to handling these reactions.  This is good.  You will be better prepared and increase your chances of success!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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