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Shortening time to close deals

Your client is interested in working with you.  The overall vibe is good.  Now they ask for some information.  Your job them help you and eliminate potential surprises...

Set up a meeting ASAP

Schedule a meeting ASAP with your key contact(s) to understand:

  • Content and format of the information they need

  • Questions they and others will have

  • Challenges anticipated as they share your information internally

Set up next / recurring meetings 

Particularly if you are not participating in their internal meetings, the best way to stay on top of potential delays/issues is to have a recurring meeting set up with your key contacts.  Let the client pick the frequency of the meetings.  If they do not want to set up a recurring meeting yet, at least get “the next one” scheduled.  

Value for both sides

Meeting on a recurring basis enables your key contacts to address questions in a timely manner and look sharp internally.  Taking this approach can help keep the sales cycle as short as possible!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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