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Send proposal ahead of the presentation?

One approach does not fit all situations.  Some ideas that can help you decide how to proceed…

Key Factors

There are many to consider…here are some of the primary ones:

  • Role(s) of contacts in the presentation?

  • How well do you know the contacts?

  • History with your company and you as the salesperson?

  • Style (e.g. detail oriented, executive overview preferred)?

  • Will your document be shared with others before the presentation?

Comparing the two approaches

The advantages to each approach (see chart below) can change depending on the factors above.

Examples when to send ahead / not send

  • Not sending ahead - New working relationship with a customer.  Not likely they understand the value your company provides.  Might be better for you to walk the customer thru the proposal real-time.

  • Sending ahead – Strong existing relationship with a customer.  Internal “coach” has track record of helping drive deals forward.

Still not sure what to do?

YOU are the best person to promote the value of solutions you are offering.  When in doubt, start with a more conservative approach where you are reviewing your proposal with key customer contacts.  This can provide real-time exposure to their interests, objections and how a decision will be made.


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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