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Identifying the best time to contact customers/prospects

Some creativity and planning will have you successfully reaching key customer contacts.  There are two sides to this story – you and the customer.

Let’s talk about you first

It is important to recognize that success in reaching customers involves when you are at your best and when the customer is available and willing to talk.

For example, I am at my best when the following happens:

  • Day before I am making calls, I prepared list of contacts I want to try to reach.  This includes some brief notes on key topics, questions.

  • Blocked specific time slot in the day for making calls (no distractions)

  • Get good sleep

  • Drink water first thing in the AM and have something light to eat

If for some reason, let’s say, I do not prepare the day before I am not nearly as confident or productive.

Think about what works best for you and start trying it!

Why block off the time?

Trying to reach customers is like running or cooking.  In order to get in the right frame of mind and stay there you need to stay focused on the activity for a period of time.  Notice by the way, this is with NO distractions.  Some other important reasons:

  • Momentum! – it feels great when you reach a contact you have tried several times.  While you are feeling good, you should make more calls.

  • Adjustments – in my experience when I realize I can make an adjustment, I want to try it right away.

What about the customer contact?

We all want to get on the phone and just start making calls.  Before you start, be sure to do some HOMEWORK.  Here is what you want to find out from any source you can (co-workers, partners, other contacts at the same customer)…when does this contact:

  • Start their day

  • Take breaks

  • Not have calls screened

  • Tend to be the most relaxed

Taking some time to review your rate of success with different time blocks will help you focus on what works best for you!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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